A community based organization that was initiated in 2010 after the post-election violence by young individuals from the slums to incorporate positive and peaceful coexistence among the residence of Kibera.


Young individuals who were born and raised in Kibera.  After the post-election violence in 2007/08, they became passionate about spearheading initiatives to bring about a peaceful and positive coexistence in their community. What influenced this passion was their loss of family and friends  during the post-election violence through crime, tribalism, and drugs, among other illegal activities.


At Kibera Social Arts, we believe that through collective positive coexistence the youth hold the key to a sustainable peaceful and developed community.


Kibera is the second largest slum in Africa with an estimated 1.2 million people living in 2.5 square kilometers.  The youth living in Kibera face many daily challenges, including unemployment and limited access to education.  Due to the high rate of poverty, youth are driven to crime and other illegal practices.  This results in loss of lives as well as the spread of diseases including HIV/AIDS as well as other STI's.  This youth friendly organization accommodates young people of different ages who are affected and infected with HIV/AIDS, drugs, and poverty.


Our Mission

To promote peaceful coexistence, positivity, therapeutic healing and development focused capacity building among children and youth.

Our Vision

A positive, peaceful, informed and empowered society

Core Values

• Promoting integrity as an organisation and in the community

• Accountability in our works to the community and our benefactors

• Fostering peaceful society through art and doing good to all

• Respecting, promoting and upholding human rights (especially children and young adults) without compromise

• Supporting and promoting girl child welfare

• Establishing passivity, self-awareness and love among children and young adults

• Promoting environmental sanitation and environmental MDG’s