Dates: 14/03 - 05/04

Total Duration: 48h

Fridays, 08:00am - 12:00pm



The community sanitation Program (KSA-SP) focuses on ensuring the community and the amenities therein meet basic standards (Millennium Development Goal 7 (MDG7) Target 10).

The program is designed with the knowledge that attaining such standards is not an easy task especially in slums but it has to be done. The United Nations estimates that there are 2.5 billion people who still do not use an improved sanitation facility and a little over 1 billion practising open defecation across the world. In his 2013 World Toilet Day Speech, UN Secretary General noted that each year more than 800,000 children under five die needlessly from diarrhoea – more than one child a minute. At KSA, we believe in a cleaner environment and facilities for all members of the society.

Access to clean water is a key component of this program.


The projects included herein are:


1. Schools Toilet and Latrine Clean-ups

This program targets school going children. In collaboration with both primary and secondary schools, KSA is working hands on cleaning toilets and latrines to ensure that no child gets sick from using unclean facilities in school (In Kibera and its environs). The program also works towards clean water in schools in Kibera.


2. Sanitary Towels for School Girls

The idea is simple, no school going girl should miss school because of her monthly circle. We reach out to well-wishers to ensure this for girls in Kibera.


3. Community Sanitation Education

This projects takes the approach of Urban Community Led Total Sanitation (Urban CLTS). KSC-CSP is engaging the community in forums and capacity building sessions to make them understand that they can best keep desirable sanitation standards themselves with least external intervention.


For more info on this program, contact us.