KSA welcomes volunteers of all ages (18 years and above) with a variety of expertise.  Currently we have a great opportunity in areas such as; dance therapy and choreography, girls empowerment, education programs, Arts, peace building training.



All the donations funds our programs for children, as well as supporting the  coordination team. For a detailed breakdown of our finances, or to donate money to Kibera Social Arts, Contact Us.

The Cost of Volunteering


Kibera Social Arts Charges no fee for volunteers; however volunteers are responsible for all their travel and living expenses. For the volunteers who are willing we have safe and comfortable reserved apartments that go for only Kshs 3000 (USD 35) a night which are located just a walking distance from our offices and place of work, KSA makes these arrangements upon request. Those who stay in these serviced apartments are free to cook their meals. By staying in these KSA reserved apartments, volunteers support our programmes.


We welcome all volunteers, both individually as well as groups, to have great experiences with our young adults and kids in various projects. Contact Us.