Dates: 09/04 - 05/05

Total Duration: 48h

Sundays, 08:00am - 12:00pm



This program entails discussion with young girls about their daily ups and downs and the challenges they face and come up with ways to curb such challenges and possible solutions to them.


In the program, we incoporate movement as a way to express their feelings. This also encourages the girls to build self confidence and clear off the inferioirity complex of women mostly probed by societies which in turn makes the girls perform their best in most of things they do.


The program therefore encourages them to do things with more confidence than before thus bringing out self development and later spreading across the society/community. Within the project, we do offer sanitary towels to support them uring their days as most of them are from poor families and cannot afford pads. This has seen a number of girls drop out of school.


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